About The Wrigley Way

The Wrigley Way is just that. Born from a season of creative plateau as a pet project and personal diary, then academic hurdle, back to pet project, and finally, business venture, The Wrigley Way is a peep through the looking glass at the way I do things. Social Media Marketing, Design, Life, Food, anything that inspires me, Wrigley, you will find here.

About Wrigley


 Hello, world! I’m Wrigley, born and raised in Southern California, in the Disneyland and Traffic area. I moved to  Salt Lake Utah, and later Rexburg, and then Salt Lake again, for college and managed a narrow escape with my Bachelors degree in Web Design and Development late 2018. Somewhere during those years, I met and subsequently married William Gannaway, my life counterpart. We met swing dancing, and even now it’s one of our passions together. We have acquired two cats over the years, Dukie and Ducky, a tabby and a calico. You’ll see a lot of all of them.

I love the quiet rebelliousness of Salt Lake City.

I love the daring menus, unapologetic street art, constant “purple mountains majesty” wherever I turn my head. Some people smile, some people glare, some people cross the road to avoid talking. It’s a pulsing R&B rhythm, Los Angeles a Pop song, New York a classic Frank. I feel like I’m in the midst of it.

It’s a great place to work from home. I come out each morning (and sometimes throughout the day), stand on my porch, drink my coffee, look at the jagged horizon. Thankful for where I am. Thankful for what I feel. Thankful for what I do.    

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