I’ve been grasping at straws recently trying to figure out what directions I want to take this space in. The Wrigley Way is as much an outlet for me as a means of entertainment for you, or whoever, so I want to be able to use it as such. As I experiment with my brand, I want to keep these things in mind as I am determining my next moves. I want it to be a place where I can celebrate my many passions and hobbies, and something that I can build on and monetize someday (hopefully not too far off!). As an Online Marketing enthusiast, I know that it is smart to marry yourself to one niche within your target audience but that seems too large a restriction on the freedom I want with this project, The Wrigley Way. So, today I don my “Lifestyle/Travel Blogger” garb and venture out into my town to find something unique to share with you all, and introduce a series I will be doing from time to time called Local Spotlight (which is exactly what it sounds like, let’s not make things complicated).

One of my favorite things is to watch trends come and go. I like to think I am pretty intuitive when it comes to trends, especially in fashion and pop culture. Probably because I spend too much time on Instagram but anywho – it’s something I am actually quite fond of about myself. What I am spotlighting today is not a trend that has ever really gone out of style, at least not in the circles I run, but it was a comfort to me that I had the opportunity so close by, and it’s something I think we’re going to be seeing a lot of!

GrayWhale SLC – what started out as a modest little cd exchange in Salt Lake City has since turned into a multi-location non-stop-shop for any and all of your music, retro gaming, and cinema needs. The Salt Lake location (actually located in Midvale, Utah, right around the corner from me), is perfectly placed across the street from my favorite Deseret Industries store so I was able to get some personal retail therapy out of the way as well (oops!). The outside looks like any regular shop in suburbia, but the inside is something to behold. Wall to wall cd’s and record’s, baskets of trades and discounted vinyl, as it is also a consignment system, made me really nostalgic. I felt like Rory in that episode of Gilmore Girls, you know the one!

The staff were quick and friendly, offering their greeting and making sure I understood the store, then leaving to socialize at the front so I could immerse myself. Obscure 70’s bands flowed from the speakers, my favorite musical era. I always look for Van Morrison records when I’m in a music store. He is my #1 favorite musician, lyricist, singer, and I hope to find a vinyl of his with “Day’s Like This”, my favorite song, on it. No dice, but Graywhale still had many options on par if not to more peoples taste than my Van. I happened to pick up a record of a new-to-me group called Crowcuss, a Canadian rock band (again) from the 70s! I haven’t given it a listen yet but I will report back on my Instagram when I do. I purchased it at $3.99, but they had an excellent variety of prices, genres, and eras.

Crowcuss album photo for the Wrigley way blog post


They also have a consignment system as I mentioned before. You can bring in old games, movies, cds, and vinyl into the store for credit to Graywhale or cash, which is perfect for people of the nostalgic digital age who still have their mom’s Van Halen cd’s hanging around (guilty!).

If you’re in the area craving something unique and nostalgic to do, or are just a music person like me, then give Graywhale SLC a visit and let me know what you think! Who’s vinyl are you looking for?

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