I’ve been working on something.

I’ve been working on something since I took my first web design class freshman year of high school – in 2013. I finished my entire website early, about a month into the trimester, and spent the rest of the time looking up Harry Potter spells on the internet.

I’ve been working on something since I got my first job as a content writer and web page builder for my mom, Jen Miller, Founder of www.needsomeonetoblog.com. She hired me maybe at 15 years old? She is my longest standing supporter. She gives me my edge.

I’ve been working on something since I opened Photoshop for the first time sitting in computer lab, at 16, and designed a poster for a local school district contest (which I did not win). It was terrible, and I was proud of it.

I later improved my skills and decided to major in Graphic Design in college (which later changed to Web Design).

I’ve been working on something since I picked up my first camera freshman year of college! Something about the delicate, yet strong, weight of the machine, it felt comforting and inspiring. The whole process felt somewhat like… magic.

I’ve been working on something since the day I sat in Intermediate Graphic Design and thought, I don’t want to do this forever. I want to do something else – something “easier”. Being creative is an impossible task sometimes. I switched my major to Web Design (with a personal emphasis in Web Marketing, and Minor in Photography).

I’ve been working on something since I discovered that there is no limit to good ideas. Since I’ve discovered, life is about adaptation. We adapt as priorities change. Goals evolve, become more realistic. Not that I’m realistic by any means, or that you should be, but it’s nice to have resources.
I’m doing something unrealistic, imaginative, B I G, for me. You might not care – that’s okay, move along.

What I’ve been working on is scary for me. It puts me out into the world. It has the potential to launch me farther than I’ve ever gone before! Should I let it?


There it is.

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